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Botswana Public Officers Pensions Fund (BPOPF) was registered in 2001. The establishment of the Fund came as a result of Government decision to change the Public Officer’s Pension arrangement from a Defined Benefit Pension Scheme to a Defined Contribution Pension Scheme.

The Fund has experienced phenomenal growth since inception owing to the overwhelming positive response from the entire public service as public servants exercised their option to join the fund.

The Fund is for employees of Botswana Government who are permanent and pensionable.

Botswana Public Officers Pension Fund is an equal opportunity employer. Our recruitment strategy is to attract and retain the very best in the market. Our employees are the most valuable resource for the success of the Fund.


All our publications are posted in this section including Trustee reports, Newsletters, Members Handbook and Products Brochures.

Am I forced to encash ¼ when I resign or am dismissed from public service?

A withdrawing member can defer the whole benefit until he/she reaches retirement age.

How are death benefits paid to minor children treated?

Benefits for minors are placed in a Trust where the money earns interest.

Does pension stop at the end of the guaranteed period?

No. Pension is earned for the rest of the pensioner’s life.