Member Guides


  • Those employed before BPOPF was established in 2001 and opted to join the Fund.
  • Those employed in April 2001 as permanent and pensionable and after, automatically became members of BPOPF.
  • Those who were industrial class employees and affected by the Public service Act of 2008 and opted to become permanent and pensionable.


The early retirement age is 45 years and normal/compulsory retirement age is 60 years. Upon retirement, the member completes the retirement notification form with the employer. The employer will then attach all relevant personal documents for the member and sent the file through to Accountant General/BPOPF. The employee/member get one third  of his/her benefit which is tax free whilst the two thirds is used to purchase an annuity from an approved insurance of his/her choice. During the process of retirement, employer should include the following in the file of a member;

  • Tax directive which entails amount paid before departure, leave pay, tax paid,
  • Monitoring form,
  • Liability schedule which show loans or grants received from through government schemes,
  • Retirement notification form signed by the member and employer and stamped by the employer,
  • Confirmation letter/ Casualty return,
  • Certified copy of Omang,
  • Last pay slip,
  • Member’s contact number, Postal address and Bank details
  • Salary history card
  • Retirement letter
  • Retirement on medical grounds requirements are the same as for retirement (above), also the report from Medical Board.


The same process as above is followed. The employee/member can get 25% (which is optional) of his/her benefit, which is taxed whilst the 75% is deferred or the member may opt to transfer his benefit to another approved fund. If the member does not get 25%, the whole benefit will be deferred or transferred to any approved fund. The requirements are the same as for retirement.


When a member passes on, the whole benefit is paid out to the beneficiaries. BPOPF/ Employer undertakes investigations that will detemine the apportionment of the member’s accumulated pension to the beneficiaries.

Employer Meetings

BPOPF holds meetings with stakeholders as an when there is need to do so.Please update your contact details by filling the relevant form (downloadable from this website (see under publications) This allows us to ensure you receive updates, letters and publications that we send to you. If you have a query, please call our offices or our call center on

Employer Forms

There are certain forms that the employer and the member needs to complete and send to BPOPF. The following forms are send to the Fund when the member exit service:

There are some forms that the employer should assist and encourage members to use them to correct their personal details. These forms are completed and sent to BPOPF to correct and update member details. They are:

  • Query form
  • Member details form
    There are other forms, which the member can/should complete and submit to the employer. These forms are:
  • Disposal of Death Benefits questionnaire,
  • Nomination of beneficiaries form- this form is completed as and when there is change on the member’s dependants and it is submitted to the employer to file in the employer’s file. Members are encouraged to update this form to suit their social circumstances.
  • Additional voluntary contribution form- completed by the members who want to increase their monthly contributions and it is submitted to the employer.

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