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Mr. T. Marenga

Member Trustee

Mr. Topias Marenga is embedded in the Public Sector and has served as the Secretary General of the Botswana Public Employees Union since ****. As part of his responsibilities, he has dealt with employee relations, manpower budgeting and development, implementation of board resolutions and Congress resolutions.  Mr. Marenga is passionate about people and has extensive experience in employee relations, negotiations, conflict management and problem solving. Mr Marenga has also served as the Chairman of the Members Welfare and Benefits Committee.

During his tenure, he managed the day- to- day running of office administration, providing detailed and researched data to the board and availing reports to the union structures. Mr Marenga is the Chairperson of the Human Resources Committee and was appointed as a Trustee in March 2015.

  • Chairperson of the Human Resources Committee
  • Appointed Trustee on 12th March 2015
  • Member Trustee- Botswana Public Employees Union (BOPEU)
  • Technician Certificate in Telecomms and Electronics
  • Secretary General-BOPEU
  • Office Equipment Technician 1992-2000
  • Deputy Chairman of Ministerial Consultative Committee
  • Assistant Secretary General BOPEU 2006
  • Members (2016)
  • 154 000+
  • Total Assets (2016)
  • P55+ Billion
  • Total Current Liabilities (2016)
  • P7+ Billion