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BPOPF Update Press Briefing

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Gaborone- The Botswana Public Officer’s Pension Fund (BPOPF) held a press briefing at The Fund’s headquarters on the 06th December 2016 in order to share a variety of subjects relating to developments within the BPOPF.BPOPF CEO, Boitumelo Molefe, spoke about the Fund’s new strategy, financial highlights, the Fund’s new corporate identity, the Fund’s property Mandate, Botswana’s Opportunity Fund update and the appointment of a new Private Equity Fund manager, Monrovia Capital.

This comes in the wake of the Pension Fund insourcing fund administration services, becoming a ‘one- stop- shop’, in June, this year. Molefe touched on the BPOPF’s new Strategic Plan, including the new Mission, Vision and Values of the Fund. “The development of this strategy in a period of change, and the stabilization of the admin function has become an area of strategic focus for us,” she said, of BPOPF’s new strategy and shift in focus.The Fund has acknowledged challenges in the local market, and worked this into the strategy, which will address several of these challenges: “We focused on the need to service our members better, and on developing our staff, who are critical to this endeavor,” Molefe intimated, stating that this was one of the key reasons that the Fund has also updated its corporate identity. This, she said, is in order that BPOPF be perceived as a great pension in Botswana, the region and Africa.

Molefe also touched on a number of policies within the Fund, including the Citizen Economic Empowerment Policy, the Incubation Policy, the Local Private Equity and Private Debt Investment Policy and the Local Infrastructure Investment Policy. The Fund also shared a financial update, is looking forward to adapting to and pre- empting the challenges in the local and international industry, to the benefit of its valued members and stakeholders.

  • Members (2016)
  • 154 000+
  • Total Assets (2016)
  • P55+ Billion
  • Total Current Liabilities (2016)
  • P7+ Billion