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Mr. S. Mantswe

Employer Trustee

Mr Solomon Mantswe’s career in communications has spanned over twenty years. He is currently the Director of Departmental Management Services, a position he has held since 2012. Mr Mantswe earned a diploma in News Agency Journalism in 1998, majoring in development journalism. He has equipped himself further, and holds a number of strategic and leadership certificates; his belief that strong leadership, transparency and cooperation are the key ingredients to fostering wealth and development.

Mantswe began his career in communications as a news reporter in 1988, and steadily built his professional skills and reputation, becoming a Public Relations Officer in the Botswana Police Service in 2002.  In 2007 he served as the Staff Officer to the Commissioner General, a position that he held until 2012. Solomon Mantswe was appointed  a BPOPF Trustee in April 2013 and is Chairperson of the Communications Committee.

  • Members (2016)
  • 154 000+
  • Total Assets (2016)
  • P55+ Billion
  • Total Current Liabilities (2016)
  • P7+ Billion