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Mr. I. Bagopi

Employer Trustee

Mr Ikwatlhaeng Bagopi is the Chairperson of the BPOPF Audit Committee. His proclivity for transparency, due process and enforcement is evident in the development of his career, which he began by studying Applied Criminology and Police Studies in the UK and Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice in the USA.  As part of the Police Force, Mr Bagopi led investigations into a number of cases that were of national import.

Mr Bagopi has served the National Police Service of Botswana in various capacities, including Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police. He has served as the Deputy Permanent Secretary of Safety and Security at the Ministry of Defense and Justice and has been outspoken on issues of wellness in the Police Force.

Mr Bagopi has a keen insight into human nature and relationsihips; he was the head of Public Relations and Personnel Management at the Institute of Development Management and was the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs in 2014. He brings a wealth of experience and insight into his role and the Pension Fund as the Chairperson of the Audit Committee.

  • Members (2016)
  • 154 000+
  • Total Assets (2016)
  • P55 Billion+
  • Total Current Liabilities (2016)
  • P7 Billion+