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The Fund’s investments are divided between four separate portfolios, these being the;

  •  Active Member and Deferred Pensioner Portfolio
  • the Pre-Retirement Switch Portfolio – designed to preserve members capital as they approach retirement. The portfolio is therefore conservative by nature, focusing on providing steady growth with minimal risk.
  • the With-Profit Pensioner Portfolio  - a fairly conservative portfolio that preserves pensioners’ capital while generating steady return.
  • the Without-Profit (Non-Profit) Pensioner Portfolio – incorporates an annual growth figure as agreed with the member and risk does not lie with the member.

Each portfolio has distinct characteristics, a specific purpose, and performs differently from the others. It is important to consider this when comparing the different portfolios’ performance, as these would not be like-for-like comparisons.

Fund performance since inception

List of Investment managers ( Local & Offshore)

Members (2016) :154 266

Total Assets (2016) : P55 017 336 062

Total Current Liabilities (2016) : P7 417 673 913


  • Members
  • 157 000+
  • Total Assets
  • P66+ Billion
  • Total Current Liabilities
  • P7+ Billion